A laboratory notebook is a permanent, documented and primary record of the work that you do in the laboratory. It is a place for you to enter data, observations, and graphs generated from analyses for each activity or experiment that we do in this course. It encourages sound thinking and provides a place for you to note thoughts, write questions, and write modifications to the procedure. It is essentially a place for you to talk to yourself about the work you do in the lab. Your lab notebook will be kept in the classroom at all times. At the end of the year, you will have a complete record of all the work you do in one notebook.

General Formatting Guidelines

Specific Lab Information

Each lab may have slightly different requirements, for example, some labs will ask you to answer pre-lab questions, other labs will ask you to write an introduction or analysis. All information for each lab or activity will be written in your laboratory notebook. You will note any modifications to procedures or any class notes regarding the lab in your notebook.